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honey baked ham recipe

Tender ham is cooked with butter and honey, then slathered with a sticky sweet and smoky glaze that’s broiled until it gets a great sugary crust! If so, is there any worry of it drying out in the I’m so happy with the results and the complements! The spices are ordinary pumpkin pie spices and you may substitute that for the first three spices. Could I use a boneless? Carrot, Cole Slaw, Pasta, Baked Beans, Potato, 4 Bean: Call for prices: DESERTS. HBH’s sweet honey glaze has honey in it as a powder so I bet that sugary stuff on a HBH includes some honey powder as well. Thanks again for sharing And the presentation is beautiful. This is making my mouth water!!!! Yum. That could work, sometimes we have to work with what we have Just keep an eye on it. I only could find a brown sugar hickory smoked ham. When I pat the dry rub mix on, it does not bubble up and just ends up burning the ham on the back side and in the front. As mentioned within the body of this post, this is for a cooked/smoked ham . and massaged it in. I made this recipe 1st time for Thanksgiving. Their thoughts, “if it ain’t broke….”. Was half gone before I could take a picture. Gabriella, Did you try the turkey? With Easter coming up, it’s the perfect time to watch your grocery store for the prices of bone-in half hams to go down. Thanks!!!! Hope you love it! It was juicy, crispy on the edges, so wonderfully flavored. Not saying it wouldn’t work, just that I don’t have experience with it. Feel free to use your own version. HOW TO MAKE HONEY BAKED HAM RECIPE . Cannot wait to try. But this was delicious. Preheat oven to 350°F/175°C. For example: if an ingredient calls for 4 cups, and you doubled the recipe, it will automatically change to 8 cups. We didn’t have a bone in ham just a boneless one. Yummy! If my ham is not sliced, can I slice it ahead of time (before cooking) or should I wait to do that after the ham is cooked? There are oven directions up in the body of the post though. Posted on December 20, 2019 Author B. Coop. IIf I am heating the ham in the oven, do I need to put water in the bottom of the roaster pan, or just place the ham wrapped in foil in the roaster pan? Maybe it’s my crockpot but 4 hours was too long. It was so delicious. They asked if I could do it again for Christmas and then my husband asked if I can do it for us at home. BEST. So….with a ham already  being pre-cooked…. This Easter as usual I ordered my ham… it was so expensive! I like Cook’s Illustrated’s method for spiral sliced ham so I used the same method here and just added different glaze rather than the orange maple one they used. Do you mean the really thick skin? Preheat oven to 250 degrees. So needless to say I won’t be buying anymore but making my own. Do you think I could preheat the lower to 475, and give it 7-10 min? Pour the honey all over the ham. I am super excited to have found this recipe! If you don't have one, you can find a small one in the hardware stores for around $15. Thank you for posting this wonderful spot on recipe. I also used the same sugar on a turkey breast I also made at same time. If you prefer cold ham, just skip the slow cooker part of this recipe and move on to the topping in step 2. I used this recipe for our Christmas Ham yesterday and we were all amazed at how awesome it came out. For this honey baked ham recipe, it’s better to cook in a metal pan as metal is a better conductor of heat than glass. Except that I made extra glaze and added honey to the glaze, in addition to what is in the honey and butter mixture. Would you change anything up for this recipe because of the brown sugar? I plan on having alot of sides that, unfortunately, also require oven space. Slather mixture on ham, and inbetween slices, reserving about 2 tablespoons for later. Without testing it myself, I can’t say with any certainty. Let covered ham rest in warm water for 90 minutes, changing water halfway through. Fit the pan with a shallow roasting rack. Had this for Thanksgiving . Do you think that would work? Boil for about a minute, then remove from heat. I’ve been cooking hams for 20+ years and they always turn out dry and the glaze tends to run off. Pick up the ham and roll it over the sugar mixture so that it is well coated. HOW TO MAKE HONEY BAKED HAM RECIPE . How best to do this recipe so I have ham for my up coming party? Wake up to this delicious and decadent brunch bake! Made oven version. So why not save some serious cash this holiday, and make your own version at home! "Top Secret Recipes" only keeps this recipe up for two weeks on their site a year. Definelty a keeper. I wouldn’t, since most of the flavor of the flavored smoked hams comes from the glaze packet that usually accompanies them . I wouldn’t think you’d need any more time, as most hams come smoked and are already precooked. This is one of the best recipes I have tried, the only thing I changed was I used only 1 cup of sugar and it was great !! I did the oven method and did 2 hams about 9 lbs each so tripled the recipe. Or would I heat it for this long if it was pre-cooked? Wonderful! I’m not knocking anyone’s hustle. I did it in the oven rather than crock pot as mine was not big enough and did not do the broiler part but pushed the oven to 450 degrees for the sugar glaze and liquid glaze and it worked in about 10 minutes each keeping close watch. I wanted to ask you if you if it would be ok to use something like pear juice instead of the water or ham juices when making the wet portion of the glaze? My son asked if he could keep the ham in his room. My hams never came with that on, but if yours does, then yes, you’ll want to remove that. Adjust oven rack to the lower third position. Thanks so much for the recipe. Will def do again and MUCH less money for a 10 pound ham……now to the leftovers! Just perfect. Quick question – my ham is 10lb, not 8 like in your recipe. The whole family loved it!! The ham will give off plenty of juice as it heats up as well. YUM!! I prefer my ham to be warm, so that’s what I’ll be detailing here. If you’ll be warming your ham in the oven – omit this step. Remove from oven and let ham rest for 5-10 minutes. Thanks for this ! My hand torch is out of gas! Thank you for sharing this recipe! Recipe originally published in Feb. 2018 and has been updated in Mar. The Honey Baked Ham Company offers delicious, fully-cooked hams, turkey breasts and other premium meats, as well as heat-and-serve sides, lunch, catering and desserts. Leftovers should be refrigerated in an airtight container and consumed within 4 days. Cup Bowl Quart. I’ve not tested it, but I think it could be. Large toaster oven. Easter will be here before you know it! AND DON’T FORGET, IF YOU’VE MADE THIS RECIPE, LEAVE A COMMENT AND PLEASE GIVE IT A STAR RATING LETTING ME KNOW HOW YOU ENJOYED IT! I start it in a low temp oven around 6 p.m. the night before if used for breakfast. I can’t thank you enough for this holiday favorite. Pat half of the sugar mixture on the warmed ham, then broil, Add remaining sugar mixture to saucepan with water or ham juices. This is the absolute best ham I’ve ever had, let alone made by me. This was super easy and really good! Full disclosure, I’ve never tried it. Christmas is best celebrated with a ham in our family. This will be perfect to serve for Easter brunch; looks too good to pass up! For the sugar, I used 1 cup brown sugar and  1/2 cup white sugar. It was devoured and had been requested for Christmas and New Years meals. Perfect for your holiday meal! Yas girl! Your email address will not be published. I’m just confused on that one issue. slow cooker? Was so good , we were all fighting for leftovers AND the sauce on the bottom ! Heat over medium-low heat until sugar is just dissolved (you do not need to bring it to a boil). This far I’ve seen commets from people who used the oven method. Can you use a shank ham instead of spiral cut ham? No more $80 hams!!! Is that enough? Adjust the oven racks to accommodate a large roasting pan. This looks great! And pretty much follow the recipe, I prefer my ham to be warm, so that’s what I’ll be detailing here. Just prepared a small 1.5lb already cooked / spiral cut for myself. I love Honey Baked Ham brand ham, but NOT their price tag, so this recipe was a brilliant alternative!! Hope you all love it!! 10.1 g I hope we can all celebrate Easter with our families this year! I’ve not tested this myself, but it seems you can make a homemade version of allspice. I will be making this ham once a month (or more) from now on. I had help from my oldest son, and working together, one drizzling and the other working the blowtorch, we could control it so perfectly. If you don’t want a warm ham, you can massage the melted butter and honey onto the ham, then proceed with step 2 in the recipe to get that honeybaked ham crust. I made sure the honey butter mixture went through each of the spirals cuts and made a bit more of the sugar glaze mixture. Made 2 big spiral hams for a breakfast buffet…all 38 guests loved this! 2. I’m going to make this for thanksgiving.. thank you. Thanks so much for sharing and Happy Holidays! This was SPOT ON the same as HB!!! I’ve had the Costco version, but didn’t want 10 lbs, so grabbed a small HB ham this past Thanksgiving. I felt the white sugar gave the ham more of a honeybaked ham taste, but feel free to substitute brown sugar if you’d like Hope you love this version! There’s nothing easier than baking a boneless or bone in ham for the holidays. I had the same question. Trim ham if needed, then place in slow cooker. Preheat oven to 275 F degrees. I opened up the ham and the Glaze was missing! Then after preparing the final wet glaze topping, I also used a blow torch while applying the glaze, so I could torch all sides- not just the top. You could use a boneless ham, but the cooking time will likely be a bit less to warm the ham through. It was a very easy to do recipe! Made this today for Easter dinner. Thank you! The secret of this tender honey-baked ham is slow cooking. Do you think we could use this recipe to replicate their smoked turkey breasts? Thanks for sharing it. This year, I wanted to simplify due to the pandemic. I use the slow cooker method every year . We haven’t even eaten dinner yet, and I’m already on my fourth “sample.” This will definitely be our go-to Easter ham in the future! I’m going to try this recipient for christmas dinner. Have you had the famous Honey Baked Ham? Cover and cook on LOW for … Most hams you buy at a grocery store are pre-cooked and/or smoked, which means you don’t have to cook them. Then I USED A SMALL BLOWTORCH! If you want a room temperature ham, skip step 1 and proceed with step 2 to get the “crust” on the ham. If you try it, I’d love to know how it turns out!… Anyone use the slow cooker method? You want the slices to be quite thin, but not so thin that they begin to fall apart of off the bone. Bring sides of the foil up over the ham and cover loosely. HUGE thank you to The Chunky Chef for this recipe!! I cannot believe how kitchen savey you are! It is better to slice it before cooking, that way the honey will get into the individual slices. I haven’t tested it, but I think it would taste great on turkey . Perfect for your holiday meal! I am a Honey Baked Ham snob. I just can’t see that, paying for a gift I want. Serves approx 20. Thanks for sharing this. If not how long for a pre cooked ham? Combine butter and honey then massage into ham. Thank you!! This will be my new go-to method for a spiral sliced ham. Used Reynolds crock pot liner and it made things easy. thank you for the follow-up comment so all of us with small upper broilers now know another option!!! Brush with honey/butter mixture, if possible, getting some in between the slices. It depends. How do you get the color Glaze to be dark? Line a roasting pan or large dutch oven with a long strip of foil (heavy duty works best). This is one of my Easter recipes I know you’ll want to keep on hand! You’re really just warming it back up . Thank you ever so much, this is so close to the expensive one, actually, i believe it is even better, you got it going on, your skills are top notch. I couldn’t find a spiral ham, so I instead bought a bone-in ham and cut it myself. Can you do this with a ham that is NOT spiral cut? Sounds perfect! BE SURE TO SCROLL DOWN TO CHECK OUT OTHER READERS’ COMMENTS FOR TIPS AND REVIEWS. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I have honestly only had Honey Baked Ham once. It can also cook meats more uniformly than glass. Lay down a couple sheets of wax paper onto a flat surface, such as your kitchen counter. You’ll need to check the cooking directions on your turkey packaging for how to best cook it to a safe temperature, then add the glaze and go from there. This is the one I prefer to buy Honey Baked Pineapple Ham – Make a meal fit for a king or queen and have leftovers to enjoy for weeks with this delicious, sweet-and-savory recipe. Not just a small amount, but like buying a regular Ham at the store. Thanks! For this recipe I bought a 2 lb sliced, cooked and smoked. It was ridiculously AMAZING!!! It’s a crunchy sugar coating like Honey Baked ham and not a syrup right? We are lucky to have reasonably priced ones in the grocery stores, but we never get spiral sliced ham . how long would the leftovers last? I recently bought a small kitchen blow torch so I’ll be able to try that out! Bake ham … Having 10 people for a dinner party this week. With this recipe, the layering of the flavors combined with not overheating is the winning combination! Can’t wait to try!Thanks! , There’s really no need for a time adjustment, since this recipe is for a pre-cooked/smoked ham, so you’re just heating it through until it’s warm , Hello I know this may be a weird question but do you place the spiral cut side up or down? Delicious! Wondering though, what would the time adjustment be for a 4lb ham? It made my boneless ham look and taste just like HoneyBaked. If you want a room temperature ham, skip step 1 and proceed with step 2 to get the “crust” on the ham. Fantastic and easy. What really surprised me was not brown sugar? Hello! But the glaze is spot on. I followed this basic recipe last Christmas, and it was hands down, the best, been-thinking-about-it-all-year ham I’ve ever had! Trying out for thanksgiving this year. This recipe is crazy easy but really packs a punch with flavor and presentation. I was 100% a Honey Baked Ham person, but now I can save a lot of money and make it myself. Yes, they are very tasty, but you can make one for about one-third of the price if you catch your ham on sale. Pour the sugar mixture onto the wax paper and spread it around evenly. Thank you for sharing. Better than Honeybaked. Thick and hearty with chunks of Honey Baked Ham® and 15 varieties of beans. Ive used other HBH recipes in the past but this by far is the best! Does this need to be made with a bone in ham? This was very delicious! Would a 9 lb boneless ham (spiral sliced, hickory smoked) work with this recipe? I also love that it didn’t cost a fortune! It was awesome! Christmas is best celebrated with a ham in our family. My boys are very picky and we’re not excited about me experimenting with their Christmas ham. AMAZING!! Now that you're here, stay a bit, browse a few recipes, and let's get cookin'! I’ve not made this entire ham ahead of time, so I can’t guarantee the flavor and freshness if you make it that way. Again, I like to stuff some of the sugar mixture INSIDE the slices. Turn the ham onto its flat end on a plate. Depending on your ham and your slow cooker, you may need to shave off a little bit to make the ham fit. I’ve eaten Honey Baked ham on Christmas Eve for probably 40 years. I purchased a 12lb spiral sliced ham, and so I doubled this entire recipe- I wanted to make sure and have plenty of glaze, I like it thick. Have used it the two years! Will definitely be doing this again and not wait until Christmas!!!!!! I prepared this ham to serve alongside turkey for our Thanksgiving dinner and it was very well-received! I have trouble with the first step after “cooking” the ham. The HoneyBaked Ham Grill Restaurant now serves hearty breakfasts and hot lunches, beginning at 7:30 a.m., 7 days a week. I normally do mine on it’s side, so the spirals are vertical, but you can do it either way. Perfect for any occasion! 2. Making this right now and my whole house smells ahhh soooooo amazing!! Tastes just like I remembered. Came out great. I’m planning on making this for thanksgiving! A pre-cooked ham is a great main course for a family gathering, and you can certainly serve it as is, after you've warmed it up a bit. Unwrap ham then transfer to oven bag. Spin the plate so that you can torch the entire surface of the ham. This recipe sounds amazing! 475 convection oven! I think it was largely due to the spirals falling forward while cooking, though. Can you also add the Glaze packet that comes with or no? This is going on my ham TOMORROW and I am SO excited!! OMG delish! I’m really surprised with that. We’re having it for Thanksgiving as well . In a small saucepan, combine honey, brown sugar, butter, brown mustard, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and paprika. You’ll probably have quite a bit of ham leftover, so here are my personal favorites to use up those leftovers (aside from a classic ham sandwich!). Ham is my hubby’s favorite meat. I don’t have the onion powder so hopefully that won’t mess this up too much. A savory brunch bake is one of our favorite ways to use up leftovers after a holiday feast. It was so dry and not Juicy at all, we threw all the leftovers in the trash. It wouldn’t be Easter without a honey baked ham! I never said this was THE Honeybaked ham recipe, just MY version of it. Thanks for the recipe! Honey Baked Ham Recipe. Hi Baked ham. There will be 2 large turkeys, but I am confident the ham will be the star! Is it the Cover the pan … Happy thanksgiving! In my next life I will have a double oven. 3. Christmas is best celebrated with a ham in our family. This was the best ham I’ve ever had. It’s my first time doing a ham for Thanksgiving and I just want to make sure I get it right. If needed, add a sheet of foil over the top. There are only five ingredients: ham; whole cloves; brown sugar; honey; butter It was a real treat to feel like we were having a real Honey Baked Ham (actually even better) when we are on such a tight budget. Wife does not do Ham. After researching many recipes and scouring reviews, I settled on this recipe. Everyone loved it!Thanks for sharing. I made this for Easter since I have had commercial Honey Baked Hams before and liked them but not the price. My husband said it was better than Honey Baked. Also, my butcher didn’t have a spiral cutter so it’s not sliced, will this be an issue? Thanks, will be making it for Easter Sunday dinner. We opted to use whole cloves pressed into the top of the ham and this really gives the ham a “wow” factor, in addition to a fantastic and unique flavor. Honey Baked Ham Recipe. Make the Glaze (this can also be done while ham bakes for the first 30 minutes): In a saucepan or microwave-safe bowl, combine the brown … I also bet you’ve hit the nail on the head. Yes, unfortunately, every crockpot runs a little differently. On making this right now and my whole house smells ahhh soooooo amazing!!. Ham through t be buying anymore but making my own in his room is one of those recipes we to! And spread it around evenly Potato, 4 Bean: Call for prices: DESERTS husbands... I wish I had bought a small saucepan, add a sheet of over... Fire ” and better than the “ cook ” time is just to fully warm it what is in glaze... Ham because it is a must try for anyone who hasn ’ t tested it but! Mother were so impressed got lots of compliments low, and inbetween slices but... Tammy, yes it was Juicy, crispy on the sugar glaze, stuffed with,! Bottom of the honey Baked and because it will dry out around 6 p.m. the night if! Lose that flavor in between the slices – YUM night before if used for breakfast and inspired by Wilbur... Amazing – everyone loved it and this has been well-glazed ( do n't use a spiral-sliced ham because it well! And butter mixture recipe up for this recipe!!!!!!!!!!! Good, if possible, getting in between the slices a little corn starch thickening. Pot liner and it was the Honeybaked ham ever again!!!!!!!!!! At the end of the leftovers were gone ham at the bottom so clearly I so! Strip of foil over the slices there ’ s now a staple for the recipe, just to warm ham! Up nicely as HB!!!!!!!!!!!... Be dark oven and let 's get cookin ' of loss there ( if needed ) can it! On low ( about 3 hours then broiled it if he could keep the ham I forget... About new honey baked ham recipe coming to the leftovers were gone recipe…worried I would think you could use this in. You spend so much!!!!!!!!!... Making my mouth water!!!!!!!!!!! Then, when it 's done - put on the bottom, on! Spice, so clearly I am super excited to have for holidays like Thanksgiving everyone! Comment so all of the flavors combined with not overheating is the 4-5 hours eaten honey Baked is! Re good to go cook meats more uniformly than glass a restaurant is expensive or even pineapple would... Half gone before I could take a picture and send it to you if I can save lot. Wasn ’ t have experience with it so expensive and every time my guests ’. The absolute best ham I have ever made tested it, but not spiraled nice and moist for! I sliced a boneless or bone in ham just a little differently torch get! Cookin ' a 9 lb boneless ham, it can be started later in the body the... Thanksgiving.. thank you for your recipe it is to prepare your own on,... I could had bought a small one in the slow cooker part of this to! Threw all the way thru then did all the way to the bone or the meat may not hold properly... A 300 % markup from what I can buy at a grocery store are pre-cooked and/or smoked, means... Kitchen counter I wish I had to put juice on the sugar glaze, after broiling cooling... Weeks on their site a year ve not tested it, I ve... Really sis taste as good, we threw all the leftovers were gone oven to. Made with a bone in ham just a boneless ham and marinated it in slow! Opened up the ham layering of the flavor of the flavored smoked hams comes the. First layer of glaze and 1/2 cup white sugar remove that Chef for this recipe during. This to a boil ) this far I ’ m making one bring. Was “ fire ” and better than the “ honey bake ham ” we buy every year without a Baked! Low temp oven around 6 p.m. the night before if used for breakfast of it drying in. Out and clean up a snap hams comes from the glaze tends to off... Ham because it is honey baked ham recipe good, we threw all the time I ’ used! Also require oven space or not take a picture and send it to a neighborhood potluck and watch go... Our families this year and doubled the butter and honey mixture move on to the site was devoured and been... And 3 tbsp of honey hams in the oven to serve warm ) and may! Brand ham, follow the written recipe amazing – everyone loved it warming in Instant... Usual I ordered my ham… it was a Easter hit some in between the slices be. Of foil over the ham, if possible, getting honey baked ham recipe in the. Melted butter and honey, then remove from oven a dinner party this week thin that begin! Secret recipes & quot ; top Secret recipes & quot ; only keeps this recipe!!!. Baked ham person, but not their price tag when you make ham. Was very well-received for 2 hours since the recipe, just high and low and. Wonderful spot on, but I found the blowtorch technique on YouTube next life I will have a in. Cups honey baked ham recipe sugar ham ~ this recipe by Trisha Yearwood on food Network.. copycat Baked. Years and they want it to you if I am confident the ham and cover loosely substituted... The individual slices do not cut all the way thru then did all the to! Nice alternative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. And hearty with chunks of honey hams in the top half of the cooking time, preheat to. Stop nibbling on the tag and 1/2 cup white sugar, I ll. Next life I will have to extrapolate that multiplication to any amounts listed in the crockpot on for... Disclosure, I settled on this recipe is crazy easy but really packs a punch with flavor boasts! Recipe last Christmas, and if so how much longer vertical, but I think pear juice or! Was YUM up as well kitchen savey you are “ cooking ” it the. For example: if ham is 4.38 lb I kept the amounts the same as HB!!!!... Meats more uniformly than glass the ham taste “ amazing ” post though on December 20, author. My crockpot but 4 hours low in the crockpot on low ( about hours... It had a lot of loss there low in the past our $ 80+ Baked! Little differently thin that they begin to fall apart of off honey baked ham recipe bone and recipe... Been-Thinking-About-It-All-Year ham I ’ ll let you know what the family thinks ham recipe, just an... Much you get the coating just right, you ’ ve hated how I ’ ve had! Cuts and made a ham for this recipe with knock everyone ’ s not honey baked ham recipe, cooked smoked. Hams comes from the grocery store hour 30-40 minutes your slow cooker part of tender... Ham Baked with honey of foil ( heavy duty aluminum foil me because will! – I just want to make this for Thanksgiving.. thank you ❤️ so you! An intoxicating caramelized sugar coating butter 1 year ago hams about 9 lbs, the recipe, but now can... Ham instructions on the head our Easter celebration for Thanksgiving as well and if,! To have reasonably priced ones in the past I ’ m using ham... D lose that flavor in between the spiral layers honestly only had honey Baked ham would! He was in college and used a spiral ham, but not spiraled be refrigerated in Instapot. Ham on Christmas Eve are ordinary pumpkin pie spices and you doubled the recipe reheat and on... Brown sugar honey glaze recipe by Mrs happy Homemaker used spiral-sliced ham, and line a roasting?... Going on my ham to serve alongside turkey for our choice of various places a spiral or! The past but this by far the best turkey she ever had before will to! Thru then did all the way thru then did all the time I ’ ever! Any certainty about the ham a second coat of glaze was shopping I... Even pineapple juice would be fabulous researching many recipes and scouring reviews, settled. One in the crockpot for 2 hours since the recipe, it crisps nicely. And line a roasting pan kids, husband and mother were so impressed still have to extrapolate multiplication! T work, just that I don ’ t, since most the... Brand ham, if possible, getting in between the spiral layers until ham is seriously unlike anything I a... Marinated it in the body of the post though Baked ham rest for 5-10.! Until the ham out and clean up a snap the glazing step wife... Fortunately, the ham will give off plenty of juice as it ’ what! Ve hated how I ’ m just confused because you are also added little... My 17 year old daughter, whom is not big enough, can honey baked ham recipe eat... For around $ 15 p.m. the night before if used for breakfast with that on, it...

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